Day Trips from Venice Italy

Tours from Venice to Verona, Padua, Florence, Dolomites Mountains ...


Exciting one day excurions and tours

Venice, Italy has long been known to be among the most wonderful destinations one could consider when they are planning to go for a vacation. You will definitely fall in love with the city because of its overwhelming ambiance and excursions.

The architecture of the city embedded with its great historical sites creates great scenery for tourists and also gives them a variety of options for tours and to explore. One can create an adventure by getting to know the different lifestyle and culture of the old city and other fascinating excursions and centers of attraction to enable you realize how different the place is.

A number of great things you can enjoy

There are a number of great things one can enjoy in the city while having day trips, excursion or tours like riding a Gondola, since the city has a number of canals and bridges.

Most people visiting the city usually want to have that romantic night ride or serenade tours of a gondola with the magnificent shadows and light and also visible landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs or church of Formosa Santa Maria, although it is regarded as an expensive ride in Italy. But during your day trip you can split the costs to save on cost if you are interested in just site seeing and not romance.

Venice has wonderful restaurants and food markets. The Rialto market near Rialto Bridge, with its interesting island life great for excursions is among the best cultural food markets where one can have great experience in Italy. Most people in Italy buy their produce here especially fish. Restaurants in Venice comprise of delicious cuisines with great Italian standards among them the Caffe Pedrocchi.

Popular Tours and Trips out of Venice in Italy


Among the oldest cities in Northern Italy is Padua. Padua has various attractions among them the Scrovegni Chapel home to a number of frescoes who in the 14th century were considered a masterpiece of painting in Padua, Europe.

Padua also has classic forms of arts like the equestrian sculpture found in Basilica de Sant Antonio. Padua is great for excursions too.


Verona, is a great destination to fans of Shakespeare. Verona is 70 miles from Venice and easily accessible. The play Romeo and Juliet was set in Verona. The arena, in Verona, is a big Roman amphitheatre which has survived crumbling.

It is the world's biggest amphitheatre and most popular structure in Verona, erected during the first century. Verona is a great destination for theatre lovers.


Another ancient cosmopolitan city in Italy is Florence, greatly known for its amazing architecture for great day trips. Florence is regarded as a romantic province with colorful arts and great hotels. Most sophisticated and attractive accomodation is found in Florence.

Florence also has spectacular high alpine sceneries, the dolomites, and great with enthusiastic hikers. One can enjoy the scenery from Cortina d'Ampezzo known for breathtaking winter sports and jet setters. Florence has a number of museums, public squares and art galleries. One can stroll and have amazing scenery in Florence.

Lagoon Islands

The Lagoon islands in Venice are also very impressive for tourists and create a great ambiance for excursions and one to stay and enjoy their vacation. The most common being the islands of Murano and Lido.