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Exciting one day trips and tours

When visiting Rome make sure you venture out and tour other parts of outstanding Italy. Day trips in Italy are an ideal way to soak up some sun while seeing wonderful sights and experiencing the charms of the towns and cities near Rome.

Day trips are often guided with transport provided or you can arrange your own and personalise your tour the way you want it. Places like Naples, Capri and Pompeii are perfect for day trips from Rome.

Popular Tours and Trips


Capri is a wonderful town in the north of Italy, once there you'll be surrounded by the scent of lemon trees and have your senses awoken by the fresh sea air.

The stunning island of Capri is home to the famous Blue Grotto, a mysterious cave where the waters shine a bright electric blue. Its tiny streets, designer stores and upmarket restaurants mean that you can live in the lap of luxury on your day out to the beautiful location known as Capri.


As well as Capri, day trips to Pompeii are also very popular, set off early in the morning as you will want to take in as much as you can of this historical destination.

150 miles south of Rome getting to Pompeii can be a long journey but certainly one you won't want to miss. Many say that the average visit lasts at least three hours as the site is vast. Make sure to take a hat and sunscreen when visiting as the location is very open with little place to sit in the shade.

Just outside the gates you can find the Pompeii tourist village where you can purchase the usual souvenirs as memories of your day tour.

The city of Naples in Italy - Mt Vesuvius

Near the impressive Mt Vesuvius you will find the city of Naples, known for its colourful and chaotic charm. Naples is home to several fascinating museums holding even more artefacts from Pompeii.

If you want to experience more rustic charm then head on over to the district of Santa Lucia, a historical district of Naples. Here you will find narrow streets filled with the hustle and bustle of locals going about their day.

You can experience small cafes, tiny bakeries and be tempted by the local cuisine. Sit outside and listen to the conversations above being conducted from balcony to balcony, colourful by night, Naples is even more exciting once the sun goes down.

Start your planning for day trips from Rome

Start planning before you even set off, work out where you want to go in Italy and decide on how you want to get there. Do you want to hire a car, use the train or book a tour with an operator?

When visiting museums or ancient ruins give yourself a history lesson beforehand and take a good guidebook with you, this means that you won't miss out on important sights while you are in Rome Italy. Alternatively you can use an audio guide or guided tour.