Walking and Bike Tours in Rome Italy

Explore the city on foot or on a (electric) bike


A marvellous walking and biking city

Don't let Rome's frenetic energy daunt you. It is a marvellous walking and biking city.

The advantage of reserving either a guided walking tour or bike expedition of ancient Roman treasures means avoiding long queues or crowds for popular destinations. Your guide provides quality information, and you get to snap pictures along the way.

Booking memorable guided Rome tours

You arrive for a long-awaited Rome holiday. Your excitement builds about exploring this ancient Italian city. It might be your first time in Italy, or it might be your latest vacation trip to Rome.

No matter the number of times you've been to Italy, it's impossible to explore Rome's ancient past in a short time span. Consider booking memorable guided Rome tours to optimise your getaway time and see the places that truly interest you.

Discover Rome on a bike or on foot

A great option is discovering Rome in fun and stimulating bike tours throughout the city. While the city is enormous, Italy's capital lends itself to a slow-paced, guided walking or leisurely bike tours.

Booking either type of tours gives you the advantage of enjoying Italy in diverse ways. As Rome abounds with ancient attractions, providers offer various deals for the city's hotspots.

Take half-day guided walking tours of Rome's ancient ruins. Book guided walking tours of the Vatican gardens or the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Discover Rome's contemporary and futuristic aspects with walking tour(s) that highlight the city's 20th century landmarks, its utopian exploits or its unusual architecture. Delight in nature walking tour(s) to explore Rome's botanical beauty.

Guided bike tours in Rome Italy also affords similar exercise and fresh air options for pedalling in the metropolis. A guided Rome bike tour offer another marvellous way to perceive the city that transports you to well-known and lesser sites.

Many tours are half-day excursions that travel on the least congested roads. Book a city bike tour to explore Rome's emblematic, ancient monuments. Take a guided tour along the iconic Appian Way to journey on a tactical path dating back to ancient times.

Reserve invigorating guided bike tours that remove you from Rome's hectic traffic. You obtain the most breathtaking views from atop Rome's landmark Aventine and Capitoline Hills, among others.

You'll pedal to such exceptional sites as St. Peter's Square and Basilica, the Pantheon and the Garden of the Oranges for a scenic view of the city.

Use guides

Always use guides from respectable tour providers. To save time book your guided tour package online and see what options the provider includes. For either guided tours in Italy, take a slow place to appreciate the different sites and attractions.

During the warmer summer months, avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated, wear a hat and use sunscreen. Wear comfortable shoes for walking expeditions, as well loose-fitting clothing. For guided bike tours, always be vigilant of Rome's congested traffic.

Unearth another facet of Italy with exceptional guided walking and relaxing bike tours.