Day Trips from Paris France

Tours from Paris to Mt Saint-Michel, Giverny, Versailles, Normandy, Bruges...


Exciting one day trips and tours

The moment you arrive in Paris, France it is almost impossible to imagine leaving the beautiful city of lights for a day trip.

But, there is so much to see and do in and around the capital city that day trips are something that each and every visitor should look into. Getting away from the busy streets and packed cafe's is a great way to make any trip complete with a tour of an amazing natural area or a historic site.

The city Paris and its surrounding area is full of history that each and every day can be filled with exciting tours to sites such as Versailles, Normandy, Mont St Michel, Monet's gardens at Giverny, and even Bruges in Belgium.

Popular Tours and Trips

Giverny - Claude Monet's Garden

One of the most amazing areas of France and the Paris region is Giverny where Claude Monet's garden at Giverny can be toured for amazing day trips no art or nature lover would ever tire of.

As soon as you step into the gardens at Giverny and embark on a tour you understand how this garden was so inspirational to one of the most famous artists ever to live and work in France.

Two gardens and the house owned by Monet in Giverny can be part of day trips to this area just outside Paris.

Palace of Versailles

No trip to Paris, France would be complete without you spending some time enjoying a tour of Versailles.

Almost everybody now knows the history of Versailles and the problems encountered by Marie Antoinette and Louis. The difference is that when you take day trips to Versailles you enter a piece of history that can bring to life the story of the French Royal Family.

There is much for you to see when you visit Versailles, including the amazing gardens that inspired many around the world and the beautiful architecture of the Palace of Versailles.

D-Day Landing Beaches of Normandy in Northern France

In almost complete contrast to the beauty of Giverny and Versailles the beaches of Normandy in Northern France are always a slightly sombre experience as this was the location of the invasion during World War II.

The long history of Normandy can be explored with tours and day trips that tell the story of the Allied invasion of France through Normandy.

Within easy reach of Paris as a day trip, which can include the history of Normandy during World War II and its long history that dates back to the Viking period.

Mont St Michel

If you are looking for a tour to a historic site that has inspired many artists and movie makers then a tour of Mont St Michel is a great option to take as day trips from Paris.

Mont St Michel is an ancient castle built with only a causeway linking the castle to the mainland on the other side of the bay.

Many artists have been inspired by Mont St Michel and its unique appearance, including iconic British filmmakers Powell & Pressburger who staged the finale of The Elusive Pimpernel at Mont St Michel.