Walking, Segway and Bike Tours in Paris France

Explore the city on foot or on a (electric) bike and Segway


Discover the heart of Paris by bike, segway or on foot

The city of Paris, France is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and is the kind of location that's often best explored and discovered on foot, bike or Segway. A numerous amount of enthralling guided walking tours, electric Segway expeditions, and bike tours are available.

What's the best way to experience the capital of France?

Walking Tours

Some of the very best guided walking tours in Europe can be found in Paris, France. A variety of walks cover different historic areas of the city. Walking Tours takes customers to the Moulin Rouge, Dali Museum, Vineyards and Cemetary, whereas the French Revolution Walking Tour guides visitors around several key sites of one of the most significant events in history, including Bastille Prison, Les Invalides, and The Conciergerie.

Another classic walking tour wanders around the noteworthy sights of Paris like the Eiffel Tower, whereas the Latin Quarter Walk moves customers through a series of striking architectural sites including Notre Dame, St Chapelle, and the Pantheon.

Bike Trips

Climbing aboard a bike is another great way to see this wonderful part of France, enabling you to cover a healthy amount of ground whilst you're at it.

A classic biking trip provides you an adventure around the capital of France that takes several hours, with sometimes a coffee break in between. Bike trips cover many of the major Parisian landmarks, with very attractive prices ranging anywhere from between 30 Euros to 200 Euros depending on what sort of excursion you're looking to take.

A Night Bike trip is an affordable and beautiful way to see the city covered in a mess of twinkling lights. Something different is the eight-hour Claude Monet Gardens trip, which takes customers by daylight through the lush, fertile fields of Normandy and across to the quaint village of Vernon.

Further guided excursions worthy of consideration are bike trips to nearby Versailles. These tours takes visitors through the history of the city, allowing them to marvel at the Chateau, farmer's market, and Mary Antionette's village.

Electric Segway Tours

Riding an electric Segway is an utterly unique and thrilling way to experience Paris, allowing you to cover a great deal of ground in a short space of time.

Guided electric Segway tours can be done during the daytime and at night when the sun is setting above the city. Lasting three hours or two hours depending on which type of sightseeing expedition you decide to opt for, the guided electric Segway tour covers all the key Parisian landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, as the Alexander III Bridge and Napoleon's Tomb.