Day Trips from Madrid Spain

Tours from Madrid to Avila, Sevogia, Toledo, El Escorial, Seville and Cordoba


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The capital of Spain unsurprisingly remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offering a plethora of pulsating attractions to take part in, marvellous sights to see, and incredible areas to stay.

Aside from its obvious appeal in terms of tourist activities on offer, another attractive facet of Madrid is its location in the middle of the country. This offers visitors the opportunity to temporarily go on day trips outside of the urban metropolis that is Madrid, and take excursions and tours to locations that provide more of an exclusive, Spanish flavour.

Popular Tours and Trips out of Madrid Spain


There're a variety of great locations positioned nearby for day trips and excursions, one of the best-known being the municipality Toledo. Often referred to as the "city of three cultures" given how Jews, Christians and Arabs all lived side-by-side in this area for hundreds of years, Toledo is home to a profusion of ancient Spain monuments that range from churches and synagogues, to palaces and mosques.

The Full-Day Guided Bus Tours from Madrid offers visitors the opportunity to see this city in all its glory, allowing them access to the interior of the Gothic Cathedral and the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. The journey to Toledo is a simple one, rarely taking more than ninety minutes.

Other tours also cram in a visit to El Escaroli on top, where over the space of ten hours visitors can see further great Spanish landmarks in another location that harbours many of Spain's most mesmerising monuments.

Further tours in this region take passengers to the grand city of Toledo, before gathering them together and guiding them into the aromatic wine cellars of Finca Loranque. One of the better day trips and excursions for wine aficionados, a variety of tasting session tours are also available.

Avila and Segovia

Other parts of Spain worthy of visiting on a day trips and excursions from Madrid include the areas of Avila and Segovia, which can both be conquered in one day as part of a single tour.

Avila is a town that's often referred to as the "town of stones and saints", due in part to how it remains home to a wide variety of Gothic architecture and Romanesque stonework. Walls built as far back as the 11th century circle the town, with access also available to the St. Theresa of Avila Convent and Monastery, as well as the jaw-dropping Cathedral of Avila.

Segovia is a city that's positioned a little further afield, and like Avila offers a rich source of historic architecture to marvel at. The Segovia Roman Acqueduct is a sight worth seeing, having stood tall since the 1st century.

Another Segovia landmark that demands attention is the medieval fort of Alcazar, which stands proudly after hundreds of years, having also acted as inspiration for castles illustrated in Disney films.

Take day trips and excursions to Toledo, Avila and Segovia during your time in Madrid, and experience absolutely everything that this region of Spain has to offer.