Day Trips from Edinburgh Scotland

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With its rippling countrysides and scenic beauty, the region around Edinburgh is just waiting to be explored, and what better way to do this than through day trips around this region of Scotland? If you have a day off, spend some meaningful time with your family or take some quiet time off by yourself on excursions to the highlands, scenic villages and mysterious lakes. The time you spend on your tours of this region will never be regretted.

Go back in history with a visit to the medieval kingdom of Fife with its fishing villages. Home to the renowned ancient university of St. Andrews, this region is a testimony of Scotland's classic past and its transition through time. Falkland and its old royal palace, the little farms and villages of the Fife region, tours through small winding streets and traditional pubs make day trips here well worth your while.

Popular Tours and Trips from Edinburgh Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland

The highlands of Scotland have always been famed for their extraordinary beauty, and the great part is that you can visit them on short excursions from Edinburgh city center.

The home of numerous legends, the Scottish highlands with its bogs, mountains, moors, green hills and lochs just beckon you to take tours through them and walk on the footsteps of ancient legends that still stay alive in the hearts of people. Stop off at the quaint little villages nestled at the foot of the mountains on your day trips here and refresh yourself.

Or, you can feel the fresh breeze of the highlands whipping through your hair as you watch the highland cows grazing peacefully. Tours to this region are not complete without stopping off at Glen Coe, which was the spot of the massacre of Clan MacDonald in 1692.

Loch Ness

The lochs or lakes of the highlands should certainly not be forgotten on your excursions to Edinburgh. Loch Ness is one of Scotland's most famous lakes, primarily because of the legend of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

On day trips to the Loch Ness region, be sure to stop off and visit the mighty Ben Nevis and the dramatic Glencoe. Monster spotting is a fun pass-time at Loch Ness, and though your chances of seeing an actual monster are quite slim, you can have some fun time on your excursions here, looking at the loch of ripples of what might be the famous Nessie.

Apart from Loch Ness, there are a number of other scenic lakes that you can see dotting the highlands on day trips from Edinburgh. Loch Lomond is another romantic and picturesque lake, and a short distance away lies the Stirling Castle which is the home of the history of Mary, Queen of Scots and many others of her time. The Trossachs National Park, which is Scotland's first Nation Park, is also in the vicinity.

On your day tours from Edinburgh, not to be forgotten are Scotland's world renowned distilleries. Stop off here on your excursions for a perfect end to your day trip from Edinburgh.