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If you've travel in Europe, you'll probably have been looking to all sorts of exciting tours and day trips. These certainly have their place and are easy to arrange. If you look a bit further than your holiday rep then you'll be able to find a wider range of activities and excursions at a low cost, whether you book before you travel or while you're there.

We make it a simple matter to do your research before flying off on your holiday, whether you're planning simple walking tours or more involved activities such as scuba diving or day trips on a boat. Even if you decide not to book your excursions from the comfort of your home, if you've an idea what you want from your day trips before you arrive in Europe then you'll have a better chance of being happy with what you arrange.

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Beach Holiday

In the depths of winter, when the weather is cold and the days short and gloomy, the idea of lying on a beach in Europe all day doing nothing but soaking up the sun certainly has its appeal. However, over the course of a fortnight's holiday this can get a little boring - even if that's hard to believe just now.

Nonetheless, a few cheap day trips or excursions here and there to break up your beach holiday can make it a much more rewarding experience, even if you limit your off-beach activities to some light bike riding or walking in the beautiful countryside that Europe offers.


If you decide to book your excursions once you've arrived, beware of shady characters with worn-out looking taxis, especially in remoter parts of Europe.

It's best to book your day trips and tours from home. This not only keeps the prices cheap, but it keeps the companies providing the excursions honest, whether you're booking day trips on a boat or hiring a bike for self-planned tours of the area.

You can often hire a bike very cheaply in most holiday destinations, but be careful that you check the bike carefully before setting off - you don't want to be charged for any damage you haven't done to the bike yourself.

Of course, for the ultimate in cheap activities you can't beat a free walking tour, and the local tourist office will usually be able to provide free maps showing the best walking routes in the area for people of all abilities and experience. If you want to learn the city more in depth, we can recommend you to book a guided walking tour.