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Edinburgh Waverley

Address: Edinburgh EH1 1BB, United Kingdom -- city centre

It's easy to book the nearest accommodation (hotels, holiday apartments to rent and b&b rooms) which are located not far from the railroad, located on Princes Street in Edinburgh city centre. Up to date availability and receive instant confirmation for accommodations. There are no reservation fees, and low cost deals are always available.

Waverley station is the gateway for most visitors coming to Edinburgh by train, and one of the busiest stations in Scotland, after Glasgow Central. Plenty of cheap hotels can be found opposite the station or within an easy 5 minute walk. Princes Street and the famous historical castle are nearby and the University of Edinburgh can easily be reached. Many properties offer Free Wifi as well.

Edinburgh Train Station Waverley -- The station was first opened in 1846 and was rebuilt between 1892-1902. It lies between the old town and modern Edinburgh, adjacent to Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and the Princes Street Gardens.

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Where to Stay ? City Centre

Book today the cheapest rates for Edinburgh Waverley Station Hotels, budget hostels, Bed & Breakfast and Apartments to rent. Places to stay for the night can easily be found in either the medieval and historical Old Town area or the 18th Century New Town area.

The main shopping area of the city centre and the Royal Mile is always within walking distance. The area around Waverley in Edinburgh is always a popular choice for travellers interested in history, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and food.

Some cheap hotels near Waverley train station in the city center include the Royal British hotel, The Inn Place and The Baxter Hostel. All of them are only a short distance away.

When staying for a couple days you are able to do some shopping on Princes Street or visit some highlights of the city such as the Edinburgh Zoo.

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Edinburgh Waverley in Scotland - Main Train Station

The station serves over 14 million people each year. Various refurbishments have been undertaken over the years, but the past still survives in the station's elaborate, domed ceiling where wreathed cherubs leap amid a wealth of scrolled ironwork.

The Edinburgh train station could not be more centrally placed. It is located right on Princes Street, Edinburgh's main street. The rail tracks and station itself are wedged between the New Town and the Old Town in a most ingenious way.

The trains emerge from the station and run across Princes Street Gardens but you cannot see them. The rail tracks are well secluded behind the trees. If it weren't for the noise made by trains, you'd never know that there's a railway cutting through the heart of Edinburgh's magnificent City Centre.

Access to the Waverley train station is made via the Waverley Steps next to the Balmoral Hotel or via the taxi ramp on Waverley Bridge. The train station is nice and clean, not very big, so finding your way around is easy. The huge train times screen are placed near the main platforms and can be spotted very easily.

Air Connections -- Edinburgh is served by Edinburgh International Airport (EDI), located about 8 miles (13 km) to the west of the city.

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