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If you are looking to enjoy a trip to Belgium there are a number of options to explore, including the beautiful city of Bruges with its amazing central canals and "Reien".

A trip to Brugge can be located in and around the area of the central Bruges train station, which brings visitors the chance to explore the centre of the city and provides easy rail access to other areas of the country. Accommodation options located close to the train include a range of cheap hostels, hotels and B&B destinations designed to fit into each and every budget range.

Bruges provides a range of options to enjoy for you, which range from simply exploring the stunning canal based city described as the Venice of the north to a range of cultural options.

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If you want to take in the beauty of the city you can stroll along the central streets that are located on some of the most amazing canals in Europe, which make this stunning area one of the top locations for those with an interest in historic architecture.

From the area around the Brugge railway station it is easy to take the short trip to the coastal port of Zeebrugge or the town of Blankenberge.

Hotels near the Bruges Train Station are cheap, safe, and clean, and they offer travellers a home away from home during their stay in the city. Family friendly hotels, as well as hostels that accommodate budget travellers and charming b&bs are an important part of making your visit to the city, a pleasant experience.

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UNESCO World Heritage Status

For many visitors the city of Bruges is one of the hidden gems of Belgium because of the UNESCO World Heritage status of the central area of the city. Numerous photo opportunities are awarded to you from the side of the canals and to include the well known Belfry, which acts as the unofficial mascot of the city.

The city also allows you the opportunity to explore the amazing culture, which combines the best in German, Flemish, and other influences from across northern Europe.

The amazing range of cultures found within the city are perhaps best highlighted by the sculpture of the Madonna and Child, which is thought to be the only sculpture commissioned from outside Italy completed by Leonardo da Vinci during his lifetime.

One of the major areas of enjoyment for you will be the cuisine of the region, which reflects the many different cultures found within Bruges. From your accommodation close to the centre of the city you can seek out some of the best local food and drinks, which include the popular annual beer festival and some of the best food from across northern Europe.

There also many cultural options for you to enjoy that bring together some of the best known options in Bruges. Setting out to enjoy the city can include taking in a top football game if you are a sports fan with two top flight teams to pick from.

There are also many other top options to choose between, including a thriving stage culture best shown in some of the many arts festivals the city promotes. A popular contemporary music festival is always popular in the city when you seek out the best in cheap hostels, hotels, and B&B locations for enjoying your trip to this stunning area of Belgium.

Bruges Train Station in Brugge Belgium

Bruges Train Station -- Bruges main railway station is the biggest railway station in Bruges and one of the busiest railway stations in Belgium. Bruges railway station is a 20-minute walk from the city centre.

Bruges, or Brugge in Flemish, is a treasure-trove of gables, gilded figures and cobbled streets. A Unesco world heritage site, this is a city that has looked after its past. But Bruges lives for the present, too, with a deserved reputation for food and beer.

Tourists are encouraged to reach Brugge by train. Bruges' railway station provides at least hourly trains to all other major cities of Belgium. Belgium is connected to France, Holland and Germany via the TGV Thalys service with up to 3 trains daily from Paris to Brussels. It takes about one hour to get to Brussels Central Station from Bruges via Gent Sint Pieters.

From Brussels you can easily travel to Leuven as well.

Belgian National Railways – SNCB/NMBS operates rail services to and from Bruges, whose central station stands on the main Ostend-Brussels Intercity line, which connects to the major international Thalys (for Paris North and central Amsterdam) (website: and Eurostar (for London) (website: services at Brussels’ Gare du Midi station.

Trains to and from Bruges also connect with cross-channel ferry services at Ostend and Zeebrugge, both a short distance from the city.

Time zone -- GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)

Currency -- Euro

Language -- The local language in Bruges is Dutch (Flemish). Many residents of Bruges are fluent in English, and almost all speak at least some. Stores, restaurants, and hotels usually have at least one or two employees who are fluent in English.

Although many residents can also speak French (the city gets many French-speaking visitors from elsewhere in Belgium and from across the nearby border in France), being proud Flemings they generally prefer that English-speaking visitors speak to them in English, instead of trying out their French on them, be it ever so fluent.

Electricity -- 220V, 50Hz

Connections -- The national Brussels Airport, one hour away by train or car, offers the best connectivity. The nearest airport is the Ostend-Bruges International Airport in Ostend (around 30 km from the city centre of Bruges), but it offers limited passenger transport and connections.

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