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Hotel Volgograd football ground - FIFA World Cup 2018

Volgograd Arena

The greatest football tournament is just around the corner. With most of the teams having qualified for this global bonanza, football teams around the world are waiting for the ultimate draw, to know where they will be stationed.

With the huge popularity witnessed in the previous world cup, the 2018 event in Russia promises to attract an even bigger global audience. In addition, the fact that it is being held in Russia, a destination renowned for its expansiveness, rich historical significance and as a popular tourist destination, the tournament promises to be a double treat for football lovers and tourists as well.

Here we sample Volgograd, a city which has been chosen to host some of the games.

The stadium is easily accessible by buses, trolleybuses, and train.

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About the Football Stadium

The Volgograd Arena, which has the capacity to hold up to 45,568 spectators is one the main attractions of the tournament. It will host the first four games from four groups in the group stages. It is also earmarked to become the new home of Rotor Volgograd once the tournament concludes.

However, its capacity will be reduced to 35,000. The ground has been built from scratch after the complete demolition of the old Central Stadium which was built in 1958. It is located on the banks of Volga River.

Some of the standout features of the stadium are its meshed exterior design and the cabled roof. The stadium will only be the second hosting the Russian World Cup to have a cabled roof design.

History and attractions in Volgograd

The city of Volgograd is considered one the most beautiful and picturesque ancient cities in the country. Historians place its birth in 1589. It is in the south-eastern part of the country and it was built as a fortress on the banks of the River Volga.

The city stretches almost 90 km, making it the longest city in Russia. The city also has an abundance of architectural masterpieces, historical monuments and a rich culture.

One of the fascinations of Volgograd is that it has changed its name three times in the course of its history. Some of the names it has held include Tsaritsyn, which it held until 1925, before being renamed to Stalingrad, a name it held until 1961 before adapting its current name Volgograd.

Volgograd has a rich history especially given that it was the site of some of the fiercest battles of World War 2. It holds it place in the history books as the city where the advancement of the Germans was halted and turned away for good in 1943. With the city now conquered by the soviets, they transformed it into their own image both literally and figuratively.

The city would now turn into a symbol of their success. This is characterized by its architectural grandeur, broad boulevards and a gigantic victory monument. Some of the attractions to view in Volgograd include the Panorama Museum of the battle of Stalingrad, the Museum Reserve Old Saperta, the Volga-Don Canal, Mamayev Kurgan and the Rossoshka Memorial Cemetery among many others.

Where to Stay ?

With the draw just around the corner, many people are waiting to see where their teams will play their games. It is advised to make advance hotel reservations, especially since Volgograd will be hosting four group stages.

This also means that since the stadium will not be hosting high stakes games such as those in the knockout stages, accommodation may not be a big problem. However, depending on the teams that will be stationed here, accommodation may be costly or cheap depending on demand. This is why it is highly recommended to make advance bookings if possible.

Travelling should not be a major issue with plenty of options available. Volgograd serves as a major railway connection to most of the major cities and destinations in Russia. The travel time from Moscow is 20 hours, while you can reach Saint Petersburg within 34 hours. There are also connections to and from other cities such as Siberia, Baku and Astana among others.

You also have the option to travel by boat since the city links the two great rivers in Southern Russia through the Volga-Don Canal. You may also opt to travel by road, with the longest European Route (E40) passing through Volgograd.

Home ground of FC Rotor Volgograd

Club -- FC Rotor Volgograd

Nickname -- Blue-cyan

Stadium Capacity -- 45,500 seats

Opened -- 2017

Location -- Located north of the city center, which is approx. 4km or 2,5mi away.

Address -- pr. V.I. Lenina 76, Volgograd, Volgogradskaya oblast', Russia, 400005

Club Colours -- Blue and White

Air Connections -- nearest airport is Volgograd International Airport, about 25km or 16mi from the city centre.

Relevant internet information

-- FC Rotor : official club website

-- Tourist Information