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Sochi Fisht Stadium

Matches will take place in the barely used, Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia. It is situated in the Sochi Olympic Park. Initially built as an enclosed stadium, Fisht was re-opened in 2016 as an open-air football ground. In the World cup 2018, this venue will host 4 first-round group matches, one of the round of 16 matches, and one quarter-final game.

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The city of Sochi

For Sochi, the excitement did not end with the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2014. After a few years, Russia's resort city is back on the world stage as a host of the Russia World Cup 2018.

Sochi is sheltered by the breeze of the Black Sea and the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains. The city offers countless opportunities for sports from mountain climbing to diving, skiing, hang-gliding, aqua bikes, sailing and much more.

The renowned mountain resort, Krasnaya Polyana, is located 40 km from the seacoast. In Sochi, you can go skiing in the morning and swim in the afternoon on the same day.

The infrastructure constructed during the preparations of the winter Olympics has been reinvented into a luxury destination for travellers who enjoy the city. However, initially, the city was a summer destination for Russian leaders and had made a reputation as an exclusive beach resort.

All these components are brought together to make Sochi the ideal destination for you, the traveller who wants a city with its history, traditions, transport infrastructure, accommodation and cuisine that fits your needs, as you attend the Russia World cup 2018 matches.

About the stadium

The field is christened after Mount Fisht, a peak in the close by Caucasus mountain range, Fisht means white head and the arena has been designed to bear a resemblance to a snow-capped peak.

With a capacity of 48,000 people, the stadium was constructed chiefly for the 2014 Paralympics and Winter Olympics. One interesting fact is that it is not the home to any particular football team. Fisht Stadium had been constructed for important tournaments that Russia had been awarded. The venue can easily be reached from the city's international airport and major train station.

Fisht Olympic Stadium was one of the playing venues of the 2017 Confederations Cup; it hosted one of the two semi-finals.

The field lies roughly 12 kilometres from Sochi international airport and 11 kilometres from Sochi major train station. The 57K bus connects the International airport with the stadium. The every day trains that link the Sochi neighbourhood with the rest of the nation, also tour the Imeretinsky Kurort Olympic Park, which is within a walking distance from Fisht Stadium.

Budget friendly properties

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You can use area maps, to view Fisht Olympic Stadium hotels close you are to the airport and nearby attractions. There is a wide range of hotel room rates, depending on your destination. But anywhere you go; there are cost-effective hotel deals available.

Your responsibility as a savvy tourist is to look for a cheap hotel and get booked into one of them. There are a lot of resources that you can employ to discover your home away from home near Fisht Olympic football stadium. Travel magazines, guidebooks and the Internet are just a few examples. For these sources to be useful, you must find out how to use them in an appropriate way.

Above all the sources, the Internet is usually the best alternative since it is very available and covers a wide geographical area and has a plethora of choices. To get cheap hotels near Fisht Olympic football stadium online, you must first ascertain your destination, your financial plan, and your favoured comfort. To find cheap hotel deals, you will have to contemplate on available lodging in the region.

Not a home to any particular team

Club -- no team

Stadium Capacity -- 47.700 seats

Opened -- 2013

Location -- the ground is actually located in the city of Adler, in Sochi's southeast area, on the former Olympic Complex right on the shore of the Black Sea. Nearby is a theme park and Iceberg Skating Palace. The center of the city is approx. 20km or 12.5mi away.

Address -- Olympic Ave, Adler, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia 354340

Air Connections -- nearest airport is Sochi International Airport (AER), located just over 10km or 6.5mi away from the ground.

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