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Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

The Nizhny Novgorod Stadium is amongst the various Russian stadiums that have been constructed mainly for FIFA'S World Cup which will be held in the country during the summer of 2018. Distinct from the other arenas, the venue is not an old sports ground that is being rebuilt, but it was build up from scratch.

One thing to know about this stadium is that will be the home ground of FC Olimpiyets Nizhny Novgorod after the World Cup is ended. The field will also host six games at the World Cup, as well as one of the Last 16 matches and one quarter-final.

Numerous hotels and other accommodation options are located within easy reach of the ground. Facilities offered might range from basic bed and storage space for clothing, to opulence features such as en-suite bathrooms. Bigger hotels may provide extra visitor facilities such as a business centre, swimming pool, childcare, social function services and conference facilities.

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The city of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod (or plainly Nizhny in as locals call it) is a big city in Russia, the headquarters of the Volga Federal District and Nizhegorodskaya oblast. It is a vital economic, cultural and transport hub.

From 1932 to 1990, the metropolis was known as Gorky in respect of the renowned writer Maxim Gorky. Owing to its strategic position on the Volga River, Nizhny developed into one Russia’s leading trade centres during the 19th century.

A number of matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played here. This city smells of rivers. That may sound bizarre; however two big rivers – the Oka and the Volga – merge here. And if you go to Strelka – the name of the place at which the two rivers become one – you will get swept up in a moist breeze.

During spring the wind has a lilac smell, while in summer it has the whiff of smoke and manufacturing gas from the nearby industries. The Kremlin complex is nowadays the symbol of the capital – it is an illustration of Russian self-protective architecture, constructed in the 16th century to guard the locals, and thanks to it Nizhny Novgorod has been saved from copious incursions.

Today it is abode to administrative buildings, museums, and a working temple – it is like a town within a town. Its ancient church is the highest point of the city.

About the stadium

Nizhny Novgorod football stadium is situated not more than 3 kilometres from Nizhny’s historical centre and the Kremlin on the other part of Oka River and less than 2 kilometres from Moskovsky the main railway station on the same side of the river Oka.

This stadium will have adequate room for around 45,000 fans, of which about nine hundred will be made accessible to those people with limited mobility in addition to their assistants. The spectators will be seated in two rows, with the lower one being smaller than the upper one. The concept is that the stadium will have a whirling bowl design.

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Home ground of FC Olimpiyets

Club -- Football Club Olimpiyets Nizhny Novgorod

Stadium Capacity -- 45.300 seats

Opened -- 2017

Location -- Located about 3km or 1.9mi from the city centre on the west bank of the river Volga. The main railway station can easily be reached.

Address -- ul. Dolzhanskaya, 2Ак1, Nizhnij Novgorod, Nizhegorodskaya oblast', Russia 603159

Club Colours -- Blue and White

Air Connections -- nearest airport is Strigino Airport (GOJ), known as Nizhny Novgorod International Airport located approx 20km or 12mi from the city center, providing both international and domestic flights.

Relevant internet information

-- FC Olimpiyets: official club website

-- Tourist Information