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Mordovia Arena

The Russia world cup 2018 is getting closer and closer for game lovers. Accommodation is one of the most important things to think about when planning for the trip. In Russia finding a place to stay will not be a problem as compared to other world cup locations that came before.

Being able to attend the football world cup is a very fantastic experience for all fans. Also, an opportunity to visit a new country that is so historic and breathtaking such as Russia is an experience of a lifetime. One of the significant playing venues for the 2018 world cup game is the Mordovia Arena also known as the Saransk stadium.

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Capital city

Travelling can be both exciting and stressful as well. It is not any different when traveling to Russia to for the tournament. Having some basic knowledge about the area can be very helpful. A few tips can help a person have a better experience and ease the frustration.

Cities like Moscow, Kazan, and St Petersburg offer a lot of options regarding accommodation. There are a lot of hotels to choose from, and they come at very different prices as well. In small cities such as Samara and the exceptional Saransk, a person can have a problem finding a place to stay.

Saransk is a smaller city to the south of the capital Moscow, and is the capital city of the Mordovia Republic. The town has a relatively low number of the population estimated to be just above 300,00 people.

The town is very relaxed, and you could enjoy taking walks and also visiting different restaurants and even pubs. The prices in Saransk are cheap and relatively affordable as compared to the other big cities.

Some tips to use when looking for a good hotel to stay


What is the maximum and minimum amounts that you have dedicated to hotel bills? Even though you are staying in a small town, you need to have a budget.

Are you looking for a luxurious place to stay or an affordable place? Do you want a place that offers free breakfast? Do you want a room with lavish decor or business like rooms?

Knowing what you are looking is essential regarding ensuring that you are comfortable during the trip. During the games, you will spend most of the time out enjoying the games and also see the beautiful sceneries in Russia.

These are some of the things to consider when planning the finances.


Doing research is essential when visiting any place especially if it is for the first time. Compare different properties and read reviews, and check their services and policies as well.

By doing research, one gets to know the location of the place. The location of the hotel can affect a lot of things at this critical time.

Are there restaurants and bus stops nearby? By checking a map of the region, you can spot the hotel and know how to navigate the area with ease. 

Home ground of FC Mordovia Saransk

Club -- Football Club Mordovia Saransk

Stadium Capacity -- 44,400 seats

Opened -- 2017

Location -- Located just east of the city centre, within walking distance or by bus 44 which can get you there quicker.

Address -- Volgogradskaya ul., 11, Saransk, Respublika Mordoviya, Russia 430009

Club Colours -- White, Red and Blue

Air Connections -- nearest airport is Saransk Airport (SKX), less than 10km or 6mi away from the city center.

Relevant internet information

-- official club website

-- Tourist Information