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Hotel Kaliningrad football ground - FIFA World Cup 2018

Kaliningrad Stadium

Kaliningrad stadium is one of the stadiums marked to host the 2018 FIFA World cup in Russia. The city's location makes it a great tourist destination both for football lovers and travel enthusiast.

This guide offers you a quick overview of the city and the stadium. Above all, it offers tips on how to find cheap accommodation close by the venue during the tournament.

Due to the city's strategic location as a tourist destination, it was chosen to host games of the 2018 FIFA World cup. It is also known as the Baltika Arena. The venue is located on Oktyabrsky Island in Pregolya River on the west of central Kaliningrad. It is 2 kilometers from the Konigsberg cathedral and 3.5km from the Central victory Square.

The stadium is easily accessible by buses, trolleybuses, and train.

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The City of Kaliningrad

Rich History

Though considered a Russian city, it is located 300km from the closest Russian border. It is on the shore of the Baltic Sea sandwiched between Lithuania to the North and East, and Poland to the South.

The city is believed to have been the home of Teutonic Knights dating back to the 13th century. It was a German Protectorate until the end of the Seven Years' wars in 1758 when Russia seized it.

In 1762, the kingdom of Prussia took over the territory until 1846 when Russia officially annexed it from Germany. Russia changed the name from Konigsberg to Kaliningrad in honor of Mikhail Kalinin, a Soviet politician.

Home of Philosophers

Kaliningrad is the home to one of the world's greatest philosophers, Immanuel Kant. His tomb is near the 14th Century Cathedral, one of the landmarks in the city.

City of art and culture

The Amber Museum is the symbol of the City of Kaliningrad. It showcases sunstones of different, sizes and shapes. It hosts the largest mosaic amber in the world, the Rus Mosaic. The mosaic comprises of nearly 3000 elements and weighs over 70kg.

Kaliningrad city is also known for its musical and performance culture. The Baltic Seasons Art festival is a performance competition that brings together the best Russian performers to the city every autumn. It also frequently hosts International music festivals such as the Mikael Tariverdiev Organ Competition.

Finding cheap properties near the stadium

Many hotels and restaurants are opening up near the Kaliningrad stadium. If you will be working on a budget, here are some tips on what to look for when looking for a cheap hotel near Kaliningrad stadium.

1. Amenities

Even though you are on a budget, you still need to live comfortably when traveling to support your favorite football team. Amenities, such as swimming pools, restaurant, and fitness centers go a long way to enhancing comfort.

2. Communication

You need to stay informed. A good budget friendly hotel should have a TV on which you can follow world news and favorite programs. Internet connectivity is not an option but a necessity. It will help you share your experience with the world and keep in touch with family and friends at home.

3. Family friendly

If you are planning to bring your spouse and two children to watch the World cup, a finding a family-friendly accommodation near the Kaliningrad stadium is a top priority. Some online booking sites will offer details on the family policies of each of the hotels on their list. If you do not find it there, call the hotel and ask.

4. Find Incentives

Some hotels charge high but offer bonus packages such as a free trip to the Amber Museum and other tourist sites around the city. When on a budget, paying for such a comprehensive package is a plus.

5. Safety and security

The information is rarely provided by online sites. Therefore, you need to do your research. Some factors to consider is proximity to bus, and railways station, and most importantly, international airport. You need to be on your way home as soon as you sense danger.

Apart from hotels, you may opt for hostels. It is a better option when on a budget and all you need is a place to sleep and change clothes during the 2018 world cup.

Home ground of FC Baltika

Club -- FC Baltika Kaliningrad

Nickname -- Balda

Stadium Capacity -- 35,200 seats

Opened -- 2017

Location -- Located on Oktyabrsky Island or October Island, just west of central Kaliningrad. The main train station is approx. 2km away.

Address -- ul. Solnechnyy bul, Konigsberg, Kaliningradskaya oblast', Russia 236006

Club Colours -- Blue and White

Air Connections --

nearest airport is Kaliningrad Hrabrovo Airport (KGD), about 16km or 10mi from the city centre.

Relevant internet information

-- FC Baltika : official club website

-- Tourist Information