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Find your affordable hotel room in Turkey nearby this square famous for shopping, restaurants, pubs and nightlife.

The square is situated in the European Part of Istanbul. Nearby is İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) shopping street and it's the main square for large public events and new years eve celebrations. Located at Taksim Square is also Atatürk Cultural Center (Atatürk Kültür Merkezi) and the Monument of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Anıtı).

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Taksim Square

Hotels near Taksim Square in Istanbul, find your hotel accommodation.

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Istanbul Taksim Square - Taksim Meydanı

Istanbul Taksim Square -- Taksim Square is in Istanbul, Turkey and is a major shopping, tourist and leisure district famed for its restaurants, shops and hotels. Taksim lives at night. In daytime, it is mostly a shopping center, but once the sun goes down, it wears a totally different suit. People from all around the area and sometimes across the Bosporus Bridge pour in, filling the clubs and streets. It is over-crowded on weekends, and that is when you can find all the tourists, who come for the food, outdoor entertainment and the pubs and clubs. The area is always patrolled by the police for security, and there are 24/7 places to grab a sandwich.

Taksim Square is the heart of modern Istanbul, because it has many entertainment places and cultural activity places. In Taksim Square, Ataturk Statue, Ataturk Cultural Center and a huge crowd of people welcome you. Taksim is the intersecting point of roads flowing. Taksim distributes Istanbul life to the rest of the city. The most important of these lifelines is, Istiklal Street. It is about 3-4 km in length with lots of restaurants, bookstore, music store and shops. Istiklal Street, which extends from Taksim to Tunel is the unchanging route of a journey which ends in the very heart of Beyoglu.

Time zone -- GMT/UTC +2 Daylight Savings time starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in September.

Currency -- The New Turkish Lira was introduced on 1 January, 2005. The old Turkish Lira (TL) was withdrawn from circulation on 1 January, 2006. It is now only possible to exchange old Turkish Lira for New Turkish Lira at the Central Bank until 31 December, 2015. 1 YTL = 1,000,000 TL.

Language -- Turkish

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Air Connections -- Istanbul has two international airports: The larger one is the Atatürk International Airport located in the Yeşilköy district on the European side, about 24 kilometres (15 mi) west from the city center.

The smaller one is the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport located in the Kurtköy district on the Asian side, close to the Istanbul Park GP Racing Circuit. It is situated approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of the Asian side and 45 kilometres (28 mi) east of the European city center.

Cheap Hotels in Taksim Square Istanbul

Taksim Gonen Hotel - ( 0.2 km from the Taksim Square in Istanbul Turkey )

The Taksim Gonen Hotel is a superior, first-class property which lies on Taksim Square in the heart of Istanbul.

Suite Home Hotel Istiklal - ( 0.2 km from Centre Istanbul Taksim Square )

This recently opened luxurious residence located right on the historic and most famous street "Istiklal" and just a short walk from the Taksim Square in the Taksim area district.

Hotel Grand Star - ( 0.2 km from the Taksim Square in Istanbul City Centre )

This is a unique hotel located in the heart of the city, in Taksim Square. The hotel offers different views of Bosphorus. The cultural and business centre of Istanbul is located nearby.