Hungarian Train Stations

Accommodation beside a Hungarian railway station. Hungary is located in central Europe. The country is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine, and Romania to the east, Serbia, and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest and Austria to the west. These countries can easily be reached by railroad from all main stations.

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Rail Accommodation, hotels situated near railway stations in Hungary.

The Hungarian railroad company is called IMagyar Allamvasutak or MAV. Budapest is the centre of the railway network, with three large stations. Keleti station (metro Keleti pályaudvar) has some international trains and services to the north-east of Hungary. Déli station (metro Déli pályaudvar) has trains to Lake Balaton and Transdnubia. Trains bound for the Danube Bend and the Great Plain leave from Nyugati station (metro Nyugati pályaudvar).

Local trains are called személyvonat, they arerelatively slow. Faster trains are the Intercity (IC) trains or the express trains (gyorsvonat). 

There are direct international connections to Hungary from and to all immediate neighbors: Austria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia. Also to further countries like: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and even Turkey.

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Popular and primary train stations

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Budapest Deli ( Southern )

Budapest Déli pályaudvar South Railway Station :

Trains bound from Budapest Déli pályaudvar st. for Transdanubia and Lake Balaton. It is the third largest railway station of Budapest, after Keleti pu and Nyugati pu. The station is set in the 1st district, situated on the Buda side close to the city centre. Only a few hotels are located around Deli railroad st. such as Hotel Mercure Budapest Buda, outstanding 4 star luxury Buda Castle Fashion Budapest and cheaper Burg.

Hotels near Budapest Southern Train

Budapest Keleti ( Eastern )

Keleti pályaudvar East :

Most international express trains, domestic trains to and from the north and north-east leave from this Keleti pályaudvar or Keleti pu. It's located in the 8th district (Józsefváros), on Baross Square. The station is served by tram line 24 and the M2 (Red metro line). Opposite the East Railway Station (Keleti pályaudvar) lies Golden Park Hotel, one of the closest hotels near Keleti st. More cheap and budget accommodations can be found nearby.

Hotels near Eastern Railway

Budapest Nyugati ( Western )

Nyugati pályaudvar West :

Trains go to the Great Plain and the Danube Bend from Nyugati pályaudvar st. It can be found in the 6th district. The station is served by tram lines 4 & 6 and the M3 (Blue metro line). Close to Nyugati you will find many excellent cheap hotels such as City Hotel Ring, Star Inn Budapest Centrum and very popular Marmara.

Hotels near Western Railway


Debrecen :

Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in Hungary though it is much smaller than Budapest. The train station is in S part of town. Debrecen is served by trains arriving from Budapest's Nyugati and Keleti railway stations, which travel via Szolnok and feature a journey time of around two and a half hours, which the express trains offering the quickest form of rail transport. Hotels can be found in Debrecen city centre, not far from the railway station.

Hotels near Debrecen Rail Station

Pécs Főpályaudvar

Pécs Főpályaudvar :

Pécs Főpályaudvar is the main railroad and bus terminal of the city.There are frequent trains to Pécs from Budapest's Déli or Keleti station. Budget family run Vig Apat Hotel is the closest accommodation from the main railway hub, about 10 minutes walk from the city centre. More hotels can be found nearby.

Hotels near Pécs Railway Station


Miskolc Train :

The main railway station is Tiszai Station or Tiszai pályaudvar. The trains going through Northern Hungary all stop in Miskolc, so the city can be reached by train from all the major cities. The Tiszai station is well connected to the other parts of the city, both tram lines and many bus lines have their end station there. The other station is Miskolc Gömöri. The nearest hotels from both stations and near the city center are Öreg Miskolcz Hotel, Károly Hotel and Lévay Villa Hotel.

Hotels near Miskolc Railroad Station