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Location of Madurodam : this miniature city is situated in Scheveingen, in the city of The Hague Holland. It can be found between the seafront of Scheveningen and the city centre of The Hague.

Address of Madurodam : Madurodam, George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Nearest train station : Madurodam can be reached from Den Haag HS Holland Spoor and Den Haag Central train stations by tram number 9, direction of Scheveningen Noorderstrand. Get off at Madurodam Stop.

Nearest airport : the closest airport from the park is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, located in the city of Rotterdam. Most people travelling to and from The Hague by air use Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, situated in Amsterdam.

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There is a huge choice of hotels within easy reached of Madurodam. Hotels, b&b's or apartments are located in the centre of The Hague or close to the beach in Scheveningen. Popular hotels in The Hague are the Hilton The Hague and Court Garden Hotel. Located at the seafront of Scheveningen are the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel and cheaper Ibis Den Haag Scheveningen.

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Madurodam in Den Haag/Scheveningen The Netherlands

The Hague Madurodam is a tourist attraction built in 1952. It's a miniature city composed out of typical Dutch landmarks and buildings.

In New Madurodam the miniatures and their stories come to life. Now, you can do it yourself ; operate the Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier, let a plane take off at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, operate the lights in the theatre, travel with your own Dutch East India Company ship from Amsterdam to Batavia and back, place bids at the Flora Holland B.V. flower auction, blow the wind turbines, or load the containers on a cargo ship in the port of Rotterdam.

Location -- Madurodam is located in Scheveningen, Den Haag in The Netherlands.

Opened -- 1952

Address -- George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Opening Times --

  • April through June from 9:00am to 20:00pm
  • July through August from 9:00am to 21:00pm
  • September through October from 9:00am to 19:00pm
  • November through December from 9:00am to 17:00pm

By Train -- Den Haag Holland Spoor and Den Haag Central Station.

Air Connections -- Rotterdam Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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Golden Tulip Bel Air Hotel - ( 1.5 km from Madurodam Scheveningen )

The Golden Tulip Bel Air Hotel is ideally situated in the heart of The Hague, close to the city centre and a short distance from Scheveningen and the beach.

Novotel Den Hague World Forum - ( 1.2 km from Madurodam )

The Novotel Den Haag World Forum is situated on top of the Nederlandse Congres Centrum (Dutch Congress Centre), few minutes walking from the city centre and from the beach.

Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel - ( 2.0 km from Madurodam Scheveningen )

Past and present are uniquely combined in this classical building, where the rich and cultural history blends with a modern interior, present-day comfort and courteous hospitality.