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For holiday goers there comes a time when they venture towards the beautiful country of France, boasting an interesting history and artistic culture. At the centre of it all is the capitol, Paris. Known as the city of love, this city is perfect for couples on holiday, as well as families going to explore some the world’s best wonders of the world, one of which is the pièce de résistance, the Eiffel tower.

The price of accommodation located in the city is normally assumed to be expensive due to the prevalence of the capitol city, however with the right search and cheap deals it is possible for the average family and couple to stay in the best hotels, bed and breakfast and apartments with money left to spend.

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A factor that does affect the price of the accommodation is the distance from the Eiffel Tower. The location is ideal for those who wish to take in the romance of the area so the few extra pennies that will be spent would be worth it.

No matter the hotel or B&B that you stay in it is guaranteed that you will still be able to enjoy the stay even during the evening, with every accommodation providing a selection of amenities available that ensure you have the best stay in the city.

Some will provide food within the accommodation whilst others will be located near enough reasonably priced restaurants to provide food for all. Finally each accommodation will either provide entertainment, as well as the ideal location for the tower, or be located near enough bars, museums, and galleries to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

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Location of hotel

For those who are looking to stay in the city, they would prefer to stay as close to the tower as possible, as ideal as this is, sometimes it is not possible, with the best accommodations going quickly.

However with luck and planning in advance it is possible. The location of the hotel or bed and breakfast also determines the quality of the holiday for most people.

Some assume that the further away from the Eiffel Tower they get the more they miss out on, yet with the city’s ability to provide an array of entertainment and culture, each hotel and B&B is located near any of the best tourist locations in Paris.

Popular is combining a visit and stay near the Eiffel Tower with Disneyland Paris. You can easily travel to the Disney park by RER train. The nearest RER station is Champs de Mars - Tour Eiffel.

There is plenty of choice nearby Disney, hotels, bed and breakfast and holiday apartments.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris France

Built during the 19th century this metal tower construction has been a feature point of the city for centuries, as well as the ideal tourist location for most of the world.

For people visiting the city most wish to stay as close to the tower as possible, wanting to take in as much of the picturesque view during their stay. With the correct knowledge when searching for the best accommodation it is possible to find hotels, apartments to rent and cheap B&B rooms that are close to or next to the Eiffel Tower.

As you journey to the city of romance, hopefully you’ll be able to stay in the ideal accommodation suited for you. If not you will still be provided with the best accommodation that closely suits your needs.

In the end no matter the accommodation that you choose, a cheap or more luxurious, you are guaranteed a perfect stay in the city, with enough time to view the elusive Eiffel Tower, whilst enjoying the rest that Paris has to offer.

Air Connections -- Paris is served by two major international airports: Orly Airport, which is located to the south of Paris, and the larger Charles de Gaulle International Airport, situated to the north nearby Roissy-en-France.

The third and much smaller airport is located in the town of Beauvais, mainly used by charter and low-cost airlines.

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