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Hotel Amsterdam nr De Wallen

Find your hotel in The Netherlands close to popular Red Light District in Amsterdam city centre.

We can offer you the lowest prices for hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast (b&b) not far from famous De Wallen, Singel and de Pijp red light areas (Rosse Buurt of Amsterdam). De Rossebuurt in Amsterdam is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city with its long winding narrow, cobbled streets and utterly charming 14 th century architecture.

De Wallen or the Walletjes itself is the best known red light district in the city of Amsterdam, located south of the church Oude Kerk between Centraal Station and Nieuwenmarkt.

Singel lies between Raadhuistraat and Centraal Station and de Pijp red light area behind the Rijksmuseum.

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Red Light District

Amsterdam Hotels near De Walletjes in Red Light District, find your hotel accommodation.

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Amsterdam - Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District -- Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and in Amsterdam, most of it is concentrated in the Red Light District. Even if you don't want to play, this is a place you may want to see at night, when the red lights reflect from the canals' inky surfaces. Lots of visitors come here out of curiosity or just for fun. There's no problem with wandering around, and you don't need to worry much about crime as long as you stick to busier streets -- and keep an eye out for pickpockets. Visiting women going around in groups of two or more won't be noticed any more than anyone else, but a single female might be subject to misrepresentation.

The Red Light District, known in Dutch as Rosse Buurt, isn't very big. The easiest way in is on Damstraat, beside the Krasnapolsky Hotel on the Dam. Then stick to the main drag on Oudezijds Voorburgwal, as far north as the Oude Kerk, the venerable Old Church, which stands watch over this passable representation of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you don't mind the weird-looking, sad-sack males and the heroin whores hanging around on the bridges, you can go farther in to the parallel canal, Oudezijds Achterburgwal, and to Nieuwmarkt's cluster of good bars and Chinese restaurants.

The Amsterdam Red Light District covers a large area of the oldest part of the city. The buildings are tall, thin and crowd together, overlooking the tree lined canals. The Amsterdam Red Light District is a beautiful area and the later it gets, the busier it gets. And the darker it gets, the more obvious the glow of the fluorescent red lights above the many windows in the area becomes.

Public Transportation -- Public transport in Amsterdam mainly consists of bus and tram lines, operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf, Connexxion and Arriva; however, there are four metro lines; with a fifth line, the North/South line, under construction. Three free ferries carry pedestrians and cyclists across the IJ to Amsterdam-Noord, and two fare charging ferries go east and west along the harbour. There are also water taxis and a water bus, in addition to the canal cruises, that transport people along Amsterdam's waterways.

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light area

Hotel Luxer - ( hotel located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam )

Hotel Luxer is located right in the centre of Amsterdam's old and historical heart.

Koopermoolen - ( hotel situated near red light district of Amsterdam )

Hotel The Koopermoolen is a recently renovated modern, comfortable 3-star hotel. The hotel is situated a few minutes walk away from Central Station right in the heart of Amsterdam.

NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky- ( hotel near district red light of Amsterdam )

Class, luxury and traditional hospitality are found in abundance in this exquisite landmark hotel, situated across from the Palace and Dam square - the heart of Amsterdam.