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Why choose for an European cruise vacation ? European cruise regions.


cruises in europe

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Cruises in Europe

Cruises in Europe

Why choosing for a European cruise ?

A European cruise is the perfect way to see Europe. Cruises to Europe are very different from cruises to the Caribbean or Alaska but are a wonderful experience. Start in one of the many old medieval cities and then visit a region ending up in a completely different country where you can continue your European exploration.

Imagine yourself on a European cruise. Your adventure begins in a rich cultural city such as Rome, Istanbul, Venice, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. From the fjords of Norway to the canals of Venice (take a gondola ride) to the old ruins of the Mediterranean, the Gothic cathedrals of Spain, visit Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance and the holy grounds of the Vatican City in Rome, ...explore the richness and beauty of old Europe on a fantastic cruise ship.

A European cruise offers you an opportunity to see al lot of Europe's history without the logistical challenges of ground transportation, multiple hotel rooms, choosing restaurants and paying extra fees for everything.

Most cruise ships sail at night and arrive in the next port of call early in the morning, allowing passengers a full day to sightsee, it's a great way to see the history, cultural sites, art, beaches and natural beauty of Europe.

Are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime ?

Always plan to arrive at least one day before the cruise departs but 2 to 4 days is much better. Most European cruises leave from very interesting ports, so take a few days to explore your departure and debarkation port. The major starting ports in Europe are Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Southampton, Venice, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. You can find several interesting hotels near the several cruise ports.

European Cruise Regions

European cruises offer a variety of itineraries and destinations. Take a look at the major European cruise itineraries:

Mediterranean Cruises : Best temperatures to sail the Mediterranean are in the spring and fall. Greece, Turkey, the Rivieras, and southern Italy and Spain get especially hot during the Summer months.

#Western Mediterranean Cruises : Explore Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean Islands and some Northern African countries. On a Western Mediterranean cruise you’ll find one magical moment after another, art and culture to surf and sand. You can stroll along the famous Las Ramblas and marvel at Gaudi`s many buildings in Barcelona or watch the French Riviera’s ‘in crowd’ in St Tropez, Cannes and Villefrance, the places to be and be seen! Enjoy the casinos, gambling and glamour of Monte Carlo. A Western Mediterranean cruise is a perfect way to see the French Riviera.

Popular stops are Barcelona, Venice, Lisbon, Monte Carlo, Nice, Valencia, Naples and nearby Pompeii, Rome. Many cruise ships depart from Barcelona, Venice or Civitavecchia (Port of Rome).

#Eastern Mediterranean Cruises : These cruises generally include ports in Turkey, Greece, Greek Isles, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Israel and other Eastern Mediterranean countries. Explore the islands of Cyprus Crete, Euboea, Rhodes, Lesbos, Chios, Kefalonia and Corfu. Visit the ancient sites in Greece and Turkey, and visit Dubrovnik, considered the most beautiful port along the Adriatic Riviera. Enjoy a gondola ride in the famed canals of Venice Italy after a tour of St. Mark’s Basilica at the Piazza San Marco. Visit in Rome the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps or tour the Vatican City.

Many of the eastern Mediterranean cruises start and/or end in Italy, usually in Venice, Rome (Civitavecchia), Piraues Greece (Athens) or in Istanbul Turkey.

Western Europe & British Isles Cruises : These cruises focus on Western Europe and the British Isles. Enjoy history, culture and romance at the heart of old Europe. Some of the famous cities you would sail to on your cruise to Western Europe are Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Many of the Western Europe cruises start and/or end usually in Amsterdam (Holland), Southampton (England), Dover (England) or Copenhagen (Denmark). Some cruises depart also from the port of Edinburgh, Hamburg or Kiel.

Most cruises sail from April to October.

Baltic Cruises - Northern European Cruises : Cruises sail to northern Europe usually only from late May to early September, with the late summer providing the best weather. Mid-June to early July is particularly interesting because of the midnight sun, which only disappears for 3-4 hours each night. Expolre one of the most fascinating regions in the world, representing a captivating of imperial treasures and spectacular scenery.

The cruise region stretches from the British Isles through Scandinavia, and all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia. Baltic and Scandinavia cruises sail to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and/or Russia.

Many of the Northern European cruises depart/end in Stockholm Sweden or Copenhagen Denmark. Some cruises sail also from Hamburg or Kiel in Germany.

Trans Atlantic Cruises : A Transatlantic cruise is perfect for passengers who loves lazy days at sea with only a few ports of call and an experience that you'll never forget. The focus of a transatlantic trip is the lifestyle on board the vessel.

Cunard Line offers more regular Trans-Atlantic sailings than any other cruise line, and these classic departures can be found at some point during every month throughout the year, customarily for 6 nights between New York City and Southampton, UK England aboard the majestic QM2 (Queen Mary 2).

Most Transatlantic Cruises in Europe depart from the port of Southampton UK, Dover UK, Barcelona Spain or from Lisbon Portugal.

At at the end of April or in early May, many ships ending their winter season in the Caribbean a make an eastbound crossing to begin a series of cruises in Europe for the summer. In September or October, at the end of the summer Europe season, the ship returns westbound to the warm weather of the Caribbean.