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arrow signWe offer you a wide range of budget and luxury hotels in and around Mechelen. Mechelen is a town in the province of Antwerp in Flanders Belgium, located between Antwerp and Brussels. This medieval city is full of historical culture with numerous museums, bell-towers, monuments and parks. Mechelen is one of Flanders Six Art Cities.

The city of Mechelen has a rich culture with historical monuments, such as the St. Rumbolds Cathedral (Sint-Romboutskathedraal). In and around the city you will find numerous other attractions, such as the animal park of Planckendael, Technopolis and the Toy Museum at Nekkerspoel. The beautiful cities Antwerp, Brussels, Lier and Leuven are nearby Mechelen. Mechelen is also a very important business city.

Find cheap or luxury accommodation near by Zoo Planckendael, Brussels Expo, Nekkerhalls, St. Rombouts Cathedral Mechelen, close to the Fishmarket (a lively square in the heart of Mechelen), The Klein Begijnhof and the Groot Begijnhof, the Brusselpoort, the Lakenhal and Belfry, etc..

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Major Events in Mechelen

We offer you excellent hotels near all major events in Mechelen Belgium. Mechelen hosts several major annual events. It's recommended to make reservations as soon as possible during these events.

See the list of major annual events and highlights for Mechelen Belgium.

  • Flanders Toy Museum : Daily : This museum has over 20,000 toys on display. Younger kids will love it.
  • Dierenpark Plackendael : Daily : Animal park Planckendael in Muizen
  • Technopolis : Daily : Center for hands-on Science and Technology.
  • ParkPop : July - August : Free concerts on Thursdays during July and August in the city's main park.
  • Maanrock : August : Maanrowk is Flanders' largest free rock festival, held in Mechelen on the Grote Markt and in the IJzerenleen.
  • Mechelen Christmas Market : December : A charming Christmas market at the Grote Markt. (Grand Market Square) in the centre of town.