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Budapest is the capital of the Hungarian Republic in Eastern Europe, on both sides of the river Danube. The city boasts numerous hotel rooms ranging from the cheapest 1 and 2 star hotels to moderate 3 star and luxury 4 and 5 star accommodations.

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Budapest is also famous for it's dental tourism. Many people travel to the city for a dental treatment.

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arrow signFinding the perfect hotel in Budapest is not easy. We can help you find your hotel. Choose from a large selection of cheap and luxury hotels, hostels and b&b's or guest houses in the city centre, in the Castle Hill district ( UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Buda side of town),... or near different landmarks such as the Parliament Building, the Hungarian National Museum, Margaret Island, Jewish Museum, Obuda Island, and many more.

If you travel by train staying close to Budapest Keleti or Nyugati train stations can be very convenient. Find the cheapest or most luxurious hotel rooms near by the thermal baths of Budapest, certainly worth a visit.

Budapest is also a business centre. Business or leisure travelers coming to Syma Hall (SYMA rendezvénycsarnok) and Budapest Fair Centre (HUNGEXPO) can search for cheap and luxury hotels near these congress, convention, trade fair and exhibition centres.

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Cosmetic dental treatments in Budapest

Budapest is a very popular dental tourism destination. Hungarian hospitals are renowned for their high level equipments and well trained doctors.

There are several dental treatments available in Budapest such as orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, aesthetic dental prosthesis, diagnosis, implantation, oral hygiene, tooth rehabilitation treatment, dental cosmetics, periodontics, oral surgery, and child-and preventive dentistry.

The duration of a dental treatment varies between 3 and 7 days. During the treatment you can stay nearby in great value hotels or a larger apartment.

Major Events in Budapest

We offer you excellent hotels near all major events in Budapest Hungary. Budapest is home of major annual events attracting a lot of tourists. Make reservations for hotels early during these events is highly recommended.

See the list of major annual events and highlights for Budapest Hungary.

  • Opera Ball : February : Formal event held every year in the Hungarian State Opera House.
  • Budapest Spring Festival : March - April : Classical music festival with dance and folk music, concerts, jazz, film, ... It is the largest annual cultural event in Hungary.
  • International Choir Competition : April : This event is the oldest of the Musica Mundi contests.
  • National Gallop : May - June : One hundred horses and riders compete at Vagta, the National Gallop in Budapest's Heroes' Square.
  • Bridge Festival - Danube Water Carnival : June : Budapest Fair : Performances by brass bands and dancers at the Chain Bridge and in front of the Parliament building and under Buda Castle.
  • Danube Folklore Carnival : June : Folk dancers perform at Vejdahunyad Castle in the town park, and at venues all over the city.
  • BudaFest Summer Opera and Ballet : July : Opera and ballet festival at the State Opera House, Basilica and at the Hilton.
  • Sziget - Island Festival : August : Biggest and best music event in Hungary at Budapest's Shipyard site at Óbudai Island.
  • Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix : August : Held 15 miles northeast of Budapest in Mogyoród.
  • Budapest Parade : August : Carnival floats cross Budapest via Andrássy Street from Roosevelt Square to Hero's Square.
  • International Wine Fair : September : Wine Academy, lectures and workshops and the main Wine Exhibition and Fair held at Buda Castle.
  • Autumn Festival : October : Contemporary Arts event held for ten days in mid-October with jazz, film, theatre and dance.
  • Budapest Marathon : October : Marathon along both banks of the Danube.
  • Art Fair : November : International art galleries exhibit at the Mûcsarnok gallery.
  • Christmas Fair : December : Annual Budapest Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square.
  • Lights of Christmas Music Concerts : December : Christmas concerts held at Matthias Church.
  • New Year's Eve in Budapest : 31 December : The city hosts numerous New Year’s Eve events including formal banquets, balls, parties and spectacular fireworks. On New Year’s Day there is an annual concert at the Pesti Vigadó, Vigado concert hall.