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Disneyland Paris

It's easy to find your kid and family friendly hotel.

A family trip to Disneyland - that's something your kids have probably been rooting for years now! If you've decided to finally let their dreams of visiting this resort formerly known as Eurodisney come true, you've got some planning to do!

Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction park in Europe, and there's a good reason for it. The experience can be quite costly, but with some careful planning, a family trip can actually be very affordable. You can't do much about the prices of the tickets, but you can find many pleasant child friendly cheap hotels with nice family rooms for a few nights nearby that will help keep your trip budget-friendly. Are you ready for some serious fun?

Hotels with family rooms near Disneyland Resort Paris Theme Park.

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kid friendly accommodations near disneyland paris

A Cheap Hotel or Self-Catering Accommodation?

If you're traveling as a family, two of the most popular choices for child friendly accommodation are cheap hotels and self-catering apartments near Disneyland Paris. They both have some advantages and disadvantages, so you'll have to decide which option is a better fit for your family.

If you prefer a bit more comfort and style, a hotel with family rooms is probably a better choice for you. You can get your breakfast at the hotel, your beds will be made every day and someone will be there to clean your room.

Also, if you'll need any additional services, the hotel will most likely be able to offer them. Apartment rentals, on the other hand, do offer a bit more freedom, but you will have to prepare your own meals or have them at a restaurant.

But since you'll spend the whole day running around the amazing Disney park, the food will probably be the last thing on your mind!

A family trip to Disneyland - Why visit the wonderful land of Disney

Why visit the wonderful Land of Disney?

Disneyland Paris, formerly known as the Eurodisney, is located just 30 kilometres from Paris, so it's easy to reach if you're staying in a cheap hotel in the French capital. If you're not traveling by car, the best way to get there is probably by train, as there is a train station just outside the resort.

So if you want to avoid circling around the park looking for the parking space, and just want to focus on the attractions, simply hop on the train and head to one of the most exciting places on earth. Disneyland Paris, owned and operated by Eurodisney S.C.A., covers 19 km2, so you'll need quite some time to discover all it has to offer.

How to find a Great Hotel near the Park ?

Disneyland Paris is one of the most popular places on earth with more than 15 million visitors a year! This means that it's not always easy to find cheap accommodation for families around here.

There are 7 resort hotels and 6 associated hotels in and around the park, but they can be pretty expensive, especially at peak times, such as the weekends or holidays. If you're looking for child friendly family rooms, it's probably best to look for cheap hotels in the vicinity of the land of Disney.

There are many good budget-friendly hotels around, so you'll probably have no problem finding one that fits the needs of your family. If you're not traveling by car and you don't want to waste too much time on transport, it's best to find a cheap hotel near a train station.

The resort has its own train station, so it'll be easy for you to get there, and traveling by train will be a fun experience for your kids as well.

Accommodations that offer Family Rooms, for Children

Family Hotels -- One of the most popular hotels that offer family rooms is luxury 4 star Magic Circus Hotel at Disneyland Resort Paris. This 4-star hotel is ideal for families. It features 396 rooms following a circus theme and welcomes you only 10 minutes from Disneyland Resort Paris and the Marne La Vallée Chessy Eurostar Station.

The hotel also offers a free shuttle service to the amusement parks and you can purchase your tickets for Disneyland at reception. Excellent hotel for families !

Another very popular accommodation for families is 4 star luxury Dream Castle Hotel. This hotel is decorated with a Musketeer and Potsdam Castle theme, located next to Eurodisney (Disney Paris).

If you are looking for a cheap family accommodation check rates for cheap 2 star Kyriad Hotel at the Disneyland Resort Paris. The free shuttle takes you to Disneyland in under 10 minutes.

A direct shuttle to and from Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Val d’Europe shopping centre, and the Sea Life Centre, is also available. Most of the standard rooms can accommodate up to 4 people, making it perfect for families visiting Disney Paris in France.

Railway Hotels -- We can offer you very cheap accommodation beside French train stations (Gare TGV).

Air Connections -- Nearest Airports from Disney Paris are Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport ( 23.1 km ) and Paris Orly Airport ( 34.9 km ).

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