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Venice Carnival 2018

Hotels near 2018 Venice Carnival in Italy, many properties within easy reach.

The annual carnival in Venice, Italy will take place from the end of January to February 13th in one of the most romantic and historic cities in the world.

During this period the city will be at its busiest with the chance to book cheap accommodation in the city itself and on the mainland in the Mestre area where hotels are available during the festival period at a more affordable price.

The Venice festival itself has been a tradition throughout the history of the city and feels as though the visitor is stepping back in time to a period when the city on the water was at its most amazing.

When : 27th January - 13th February 2018

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Find the right Accommodation in City Centre near St Marks Square

Finding the perfect accommodation can be difficult during the carnival period if a visitor wants to be close to the action in St. Mark's Square, where daily events take place during the carnival.

In 2018, perhaps the most famous festival in Italy will take place each day, but the most impressive time to visit Venice during the carnival period and find cheap hotels is always at a weekend when the most famous and best attended events are taking place.

It is always important to book hotels on the lagoon far in advance as the 2018 Venice festival sees the hotels closest to the centre of the city filling up with visitors far in advance.

Cheap accommodation is available in Venice, Italy during the carnival, which can be booked in advance and should be located close to the central location of St. Marks square.

This is an excellent location to place yourself during the Venice festival as each day a best costume award is given after a period of judging takes place amongst the visitors.

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Cheap Hotels in Mestre mainland

For those who arrive and wish to find cheap accommodation the the Venice carnival the best option can often be to look just outside the lagoon area in Mestre, located on the mainland.

This area provides a large amount of accommodation for the 2018 carnival in Italy and allows visitors to cross the bridge and make their way into the city with ease each day.

There are many different hotels, bed and breakfast and self catering apartments offering cheap and expensive accommodation in this area of Italy throughout the festival period.

Stay near the Carnival in January and February

The carnival will bring millions of people to Venice looking to find hotels in all budget ranges, which can range from more expensive luxury hotels close to the lagoon area and St. Mark's Square to the cheap options further away from the centre of the city.

It is important to find hotels that are within the budget range of the visitor as taking part in the Venice festival should always include the chance to buy masks and find a costume to get the most out of the trip as possible.

Hotels in Italy that offer easy access to locations for balls, outdoor activities and all the other options available at the 2018 festival that make this a unique and visually stunning trip for anybody to take.

The city can easily be reached from the city's two international airports Venice Marco Polo and Treviso TSF (cheap accommodation).

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