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Messe Düsseldorf

It's Easy to find the best hotel deal near Messe Dusseldorf in Germany.

Located on the western side of Germany, Dusseldorf has often been known as a business area, but is now seeing a change in image as more people learn about the Messe exhibition space.

When you are looking for the best in accommodation you should always look for hotels that offer access to the site known for hosting the best trade fair events, sporting competitions and other attractions. Dusseldorf has hotels and other accommodation available in almost every budget range available close to the Congress Centre and Messe, but also close to the very heart of this popular and culturally important German city.

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It's easy to make reservations for business hotels or accommodation for a city break that allows access to the Messe or the Congress Centre, which are both well known for providing access to some of the best possible arts, trade fair and exhibition spaces in Europe as a whole.

The city itself has a modern feel as it lies perched on the edge of the Rhine and Dussel rivers; many modern buildings can be found across the city mixed in with the ancient buildings that can be enjoyed as the major events taking place in the Congress Centre and Messe are also enjoyed.

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Some popular properties

A popular 4 star hotel located within close proximity of the trade fair centre is Lindner Congress Hotel. This accommodation is a 10-minute drive from the international airport and trade fair, and a direct underground ride from Düsseldorf Central Station.

A very popular and highly recommended place to stay is four star rated Maritim Hotel, which is directly linked to the Airport via a pedestrian bridge. The A44 Motorway is just 500 metres from the Maritim, and the Exhibition Centre is a 10-minute drive away.

One of the cheapest hotels not far from Messe Duesseldorf is 3 star Air Hotel Wartburg. It lies in the Lohausen district, a direct underground ride from the city centre. Nearby Lohausen Underground Station offers direct connections to the Trade Fair Center and Central Railway Station.

If you are looking for a 5 star luxury hotel ? we can recommend you 5 star Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel. This deluxe hotel is situated in central Düsseldorf on the Königsallee boulevard. The popular Burgplatz Square is only 700 metres away from five star Breidenbacher Hof. Another highly recommended 5 star hotel is the Hyatt Regency hotel.

If you want to stay in an apartment for rent, check out our cheapest rates for Apartment KWS 166. Apartments to rent can be found 3,5km away from the Düsseldorf Messe Exhibition Centre.

Check also our cheap rates for hotels nearby Koln Messe and hotels near Messe Frankfurt.

More to the city than just trade fair events

There is more to the city itself than just the chance to attend some of the many events hotels are booked for close to the Messe and Congress Center, which hold a range of trade fair and exhibition options.

Instead, Dusseldorf accommodation allows access to the many cultural events and attractions that take place away from the huge exhibition spaces available at the Congress Centre and Messe. Dusseldorf hotels allow visitors to enjoy some of the high cultural events that include the popular state owned art collection and the amazing opera options the city is well known for.

Many visitors to Dusseldorf are not attending for a trade fair or exhibition as well, but arrive for the Carnival that features huge parades and events that make accommodation something of a premium at certain times of the year.

Enjoy many of the nightlife and cultural options

Hotels and accommodation in Dusseldorf are also popular around the area close to the International Airport where regular trade fair events are held for business travellers. However, there are many options for travellers who are looking to spend there time in the city enjoying many of the nightlife and cultural options oft he 21st century.

The city of Dusseldorf is well known for its beer, which is usually likened to British lagers and pale ales, a number of microbreweries can be enjoyed across Dusseldorf for those who are looking to enjoy hotels and accommodation close to the Messe or Congress Centre.

Alongside the many different nightlife options available in Dusseldorf, there are also many different options for enjoying the meals and cuisine the region has to offer for visitors attending a trade fair, exhibition or cultural events.

Traditional German food is available throughout and makes the region and its many hotels one of the most popular in Europe.

Messe Düsseldorf - CCD International Congress Centre

Düsseldorf Messe -- The Messe is a large trade fair centre with more than 50 annual international fairs. In total there is 306,000 square metres, total indoor exhibition space: 262,700 square metres and 19 halls. Halls ranging from 4,000 m2 to 25,000 m2.

Some 1.5 million visitors a year attend trade fairs in the city. And more than a million people take part in over 2,800 congresses and other events.

CCD Congress Centre -- The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is still the third largest congress centre in Germany and the largest on the Rhine.

Location -- Duesseldorf Messe is located between the city centre and the International Airport.

Air Connections -- served by Düsseldorf International Airport located 3km from the convention and trade fair centre. See our hotels near Flughaven Dusseldorf.

Railway Hotels -- We can offer you very cheap hotels, b&b's and guest houses near by a train (hauptbahnhof) station in Germany.

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