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The Hungaroring race track in Mogyorod, Hungary is one of the most Formula One circuits in Europe. Playing host to some of the most important races in the F1 calendar, it's a popular draw for international visitors looking to soak up the action track side.

The Hungarian Grand Prix brings in thousands of visitors each year, but when it comes to finding hotels and other accommodation during your trip, the relatively small size of the circuit's parent town can mean the best rooms are often over-booked. To save yourself disappointment, be sure to book early to get the best rates on hotels, hostels, b&b's and apartments.

Hungarian Grand Prix : 27 - 29 July 2018

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If you're visiting, but left your room bookings until the last minute, don't despair. You can always opt for privately rented accommodation, or opt for hotels a little further afield.

Budapest, the largest city and capital of Hungary, lies a little under 20 kilometres way from the Hungaroring circuit. While it's a little out of the way, the larger location offers a greater variety of hotels and guest accommodation for when you're visiting Hungaroring to take in the racing.

You'll be able to catch shuttles and buses to and from the circuit to help you cover the added difference to your accommodation, although a hire car gives you much more flexibility and lets you get out and explore more of Hungary when the track side action is done for the day.

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Hungarian Grand Prix is not to be missed

The Hungarian Grand Prix is not to be missed. The Hungaroring race track is a first-rate circuit that plays host to high-octane race fixtures throughout the year, but if you're visiting to witness the circuit's premier F1 event, you'll want to make sure you've got accommodation sorted so you can enjoy every race and fixture.

The host city of Mogyorod makes the obvious choice when looking for somewhere to stay. Although relatively small, this city has developed an economy based around tourism, so you'll find an ample choice of hotels, hostels and guest rooms ready to book, all year round.

Hotels in Hungary are relatively cheap

Hotels in Hungary are relatively cheap compared to other countries in Europe, but making reservations early always yields the best savings.

If you're looking to make as big a saving as possible, hostels and standard hotel rooms are the best way to go, but if you're ready to indulge in a little luxury during your trip, you'll a good variety of more historic hotels that offer a touch of silver service.

For the best selection of accommodation, venturing closer toward Budapest is advised. Here, you'll find more designer hotels, kitted out with modern comforts and conveniences to help you settle and keep you connected to those back home.

Hungaroring Race Track - F1 GP 2018

On average, the circuit plays host to around 20 individual Formula One events throughout annually, although the track is also used to host a variety of automobile fairs, exhibitions and other live events. Therefore, it's easy to nab great offers on room rates with special offers common for tourists.

Location -- The motor racing circuit is located in the town of Mogyorod, approx. 18 km northeast of Budapest.

The nearest international airport is Budapest International Airport

Opened -- 1986

Address -- Mogyorod, Versenypalya 0222/2/3/6, 2146 Hungary

Major Events -- Formula one Grand Prix

Circuit Length -- 4,381 km

Spectator Capacity -- around 70.000

Directions -- By car from the north from Motorway 3. You have to leave the motorway at the 20st km according to the signs and as you follow the signs you will reach the Hungaroring Circuit through Mogyorod.

When coming from the south you can reach the Hungaroring Circuit on Motorway 6 following the Pecs, Szekszard, Dunafoldvar, Dunaujvaros route or on Motorway 5 following the Szeged, Kiskunfelegyhaza, Kecskemet route or on Motorway 7 following the Nagykanizsa, Siofok, Polgardi, Szekesfehervar route.

From the west the racing circuit can be reached on the Motorway 1, following the Hegyeshalom, Gyor, Tatabanya, Budapest route.

Finally when arriving from the east follow motorway 3. You have to leave the motorway at the 20st km according to the signs and as you follow the signs you will reach the Hungaroring Circuit through Mogyorod.

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