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Europe is more accessible to the traveller than ever before, thanks to the lowering of borders and the common currency making it simple and seamless to travel from one country to the next.

Where once most tourists saw Europe via a package holiday, flying to a destination and staying there for a fortnight before flying home again, more and more people are choosing the flexibility of a holiday based around car rental. Having a private hire car at your disposal lets you experience all that this varied continent has to offer, without the risks of taking your own car on a long journey on unknown roads.

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Not all rental agreements are the same though, and it pays to take your time before booking to ensure that you get the cheapest possible deal. You can rent a car at every European airport and all major cities. Rentals are available for one way (drop off at different location) or return. Compare our cheap deals.

The first and most obvious place to start your search is online. On our website we gather the best deals from all the major companies, so you can simply enter your preferred pick up point, which type of car you'd like, and choose the option which suits you best.

Be aware though that there might be hidden extras that can drastically increase the price you'll eventually have to pay. So always look for our inclusive package rates.

The first thing to check for is whether the rental plan in the inclusive packate has a mileage limit. If you plan to do a lot of driving (and why else would you rent a car?), then unless your deal has unlimited miles included the extra charges can really mount up if you have to pay per mile.

This also applies to the choice between the type of fuel your car uses. Diesel is usually cheaper at the pumps than petrol, and most diesel engines give you more miles to the gallon, so if you think you'll be racking up the miles then paying a little extra for a diesel engine makes a lot of sense.

Similarly, check what level of insurance is included as standard. To get the lowest possible price to show up on comparison websites, hire companies often include only the bare minimum legal levels of cheap insurance, whereas you might prefer to pay a little more for that extra peace of mind on your holiday, especially when it comes to the excess (the amount of any damage you have to pay for before the insurance takes over).

One Way - Pick up and Drop off points

One other thing to pay attention to is your pick-up and drop-off points. You'll want them to be close to your destination airport, ideally within easy walking distance, and if you're flying on a cheap budget airline you might find that the airport you land at is less well served by car rental companies than some of the bigger airports the major airlines fly to.

Also decide whether you will pick up and return your car at the same depot, or if you want the flexibility that a one way deal will give you, where you can drop the car off in an entirely different city or country depending on your touring plans.

Booking a rental car for your European holiday gives you the freedom to see the sights at your own pace and to your own itinerary, and getting yourself the cheapest car with a decent contract isn't difficult if you pay attention to the smaller details that might be hidden away at first glance.