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The rise of budget airlines since the opening of national borders has made travelling in Europe cheaper and easier than ever before.

From Budapest to Tallinn, Dublin to Vienna, the whole continent is ripe for exploration - and experiencing Europe needn't cost a fortune these days if you consider the thousands of cheap guest houses that are readily available.

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Bed & Breakfast

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Guest Accommodation

Although many people's experience of Europe is through package holidays or weekend breaks where a hotel of variable quality is part of the deal, for the independent traveller or one on a budget the versatility and economy of a cheap bed and breakfast makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of other advantages to choosing a bed and breakfast for your accommodation while in Europe, too.

There are B&B-style accommodation options available all across the continent, coming under various names such as agriturismi (farmhouse bed and breakfast in Italy) or chambres d'hôte (cheap B&B accommodation in France).

While the various types of guest houses might differ in the kind of features they offer, most will offer one major benefit: a friendly welcome with a personal touch.

The owners of such guest houses will be able to impart plenty of local knowledge, from the best sights to see to which cheap cafe serves the best food. The owners of the best guest houses will generally do this with an enthusiasm and local pride which can be a breath of fresh air to a jaded traveller around Europe.

There are of course downsides to choosing B&B accommodation over a swanky hotel. Firstly, the facilities in the rooms are likely to be more basic, maybe considerably more.

You're not likely to find satellite TV with hundreds of premium channels to choose from in the average small bed and breakfast; the definition of 'en suite bathroom' might be stretched to include a small private facility across the hallway; and access to the rooms might be more difficult (there are unlikely to be elevators, for example, which could be an issue for some).

Also, although the included breakfast in most guest houses is likely to be far and away better than anything in the average hotel buffet, the lack of an on-site restaurant or bar might be off-putting for some.

Don't worry though - a recommendation for a suitable alternative from the B&B owner will never be far away! Whether these B&B limitations would matter to you depends one what you want from a break away.

For a luxurious, relaxing time with every facility you need right on hand, then a hotel would probably be a much better choice.

However, if you want a real taste of the country you're visiting, and would like to sample some of the local hospitality and way of life, then finding a cheap bed and breakfast a little off the beaten track will provide an accommodation experience that can't be beaten.