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Ranging from cheap fully equipped holiday and vacation rentals through to a five star exclusive luxury Apartment, we offer you the best apartments for rent in Brussels city centre, near Grand Place, European Parliament, European Quarter, near Brussels Airport Zaventem, Gare du Midi Train Station, NATO, Expo, etc.. Stay for 1,2, 3 or more nights.

Holiday rentals and cheap, short term apartment rentals can be difficult to find in Brussels if you don't know the city and fail to sort out your accommodation in advance. This is the centre for European administration, with countless multinationals and government offices and all their local employees need homes in the city. Check out our tips on finding the best cheap Belgium apartments for your holiday or short term stay in Brussels and its surrounds.

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Tips for Finding Cheap Apartments and Accommodation

One of our most important pieces of advice to you is that you don't leave searching for your holiday home until the last minute. If you know how long you plan to stay in Belgium, you have the bargaining power to find flats, holiday homes or apartments.

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Cheap stay near Midi train station

If you're travelling solo, of course you could consider one of the budget hotels close by the Midi Train Station, prices start at just over 20 Euros per person, per night and the wealth of local restaurants, snack bars and patisseries makes this a budget choice for a single traveller.

The good thing about being close to the Midi Train Station is that you're close to the centre of town and all the tourist attractions, yet based in an inexpensive area and have greater flexibility if you stay in a hotel.

Couples and small groups can also consider opting for aparthotels or self catering studios, which provide some of the benefits of small hotels, with the flexibility of an apartment accommodation, with kitchen and bathroom amenities.

Popular is staying close to the Expo Center, Atomium area.

Accommodation providing private parking

If you're taking your car to Belgium, you will need to find the best accommodation deals providing private parking. Parking a car in any city centre can be a nightmare, and Brussels is no exception. You can find flats and apartments with car parking for residents and this needs to be one of your primary considerations when checking out the available apartment rentals in the city.

If you're travelling with a friend or family members, you will find it cheaper to opt for an apartment and it's possible to find rentals payable a month at a time.

You can source some one bedroom flats for about 600 euro per month, although the neighbourhoods are not the best areas in Brussels. Apartments closer to the city centre are priced a lot higher, you could also source a bedroom to rent in a private home for a month or longer if you check all available accommodations.

You'll benefit from larger savings when you travel as part of a group of four or more and opt to rent a two bedroom apartment or larger.

Townhouses, cottages, modern purpose-built apartments and apartments in converted buildings are all available at varying rates of rental. You will find the accommodation specifically aimed at the holiday rentals market is more expensive, however, all the necessary amenities and fittings will be included within the rentals.

You can rent holiday home apartments for a week or longer, with rents starting at around 500 Euros weekly. If you plan to stay in Brussels for longer than two weeks, look for bargains for a discounted rental deal for the total length of your stay.

Budget deals in the Weekend

If you enjoy all the luxuries and conveniences offered by staying in some of the best hotels, yet your Brussels holiday budget will not stretch to this type of accommodation, you could consider checking into aparthotels or hotels close by the Midi Rail Station throughout each week and moving over to the business districts of the city for the weekend.

When all the business executives and weekly guests quit the city on Friday afternoon, some of these hotels offer fantastic weekend deals. You can expect these hotels to provide a gym, swimming pool and possibly spa facilities, and a room for two will cost around 100 euro per night.

With the superior amenities, a full breakfast included in the hotel deal and possibilities for upgrades to suites, these business hotels can be a great choice for budget conscious travellers looking for the best accommodation deals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Brussels.

Renting an apartment can be the cheapest way

Finally, don't expect Brussels to be an inexpensive place to stay. It can be a charming city for visitors, surprisingly empty at weekends once all the bureaucrats have left their places of work.

Renting an apartment can be the cheapest way, as you won't be needing to eat out in restaurants too often. McDonalds meals are fairly cheap in Brussels and waffles are the Belgian speciality snacks and you'll be able to pick them up from catering carts throughout the city.

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